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Tennis Performs Live In Studio

Posted on · Married couple Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley perform as the duo Tennis, and they never really intended to pursue music as a career. Writing and performing in their hometown of Denver was more of a hobby – until people took notice and coerced the couple into taking things seriously. Their fourth album, called Yours Conditionally, […]

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Rodney Crowell Explores His Houston Roots in ‘Close Ties’

Posted on · Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell grew up in Houston’s Third Ward and far east-side neighborhoods, as told in his 2011 memoir Chinaberry Sidewalks. He played in garage bands and his father’s honky-tonk band before moving to Nashville in 1972 to pursue a career in music. After quite an illustrious career writing and producing hit singles […]

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Singer-Songwriter Mike Doughty Performs

Posted on · In the 1990s, singer-songwriter Mike Doughty founded the alternative/experimental rock band Soul Coughing, which produced three critically acclaimed albums before splitting up in 2000. Since then, Doughty’s been a prolific solo artist, releasing nine studio albums, including 2016’s The Heart Watches While the Brain Burns, which was somewhat inspired by his recent relocation to Memphis, […]

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How Will Fewer Regulations Affect Houstonians? Thursday’s Show (February 9, 2017)

Posted on · President Trump says he’s going to seriously roll back regulations on businesses. So, for a city like Houston with so much industry, what would that mean for us? On this edition of Houston Matters, we discuss how fewer regulations might affect business and the environment in Greater Houston. Joining us for this conversation is Adrian […]