How’s Texting While Driving Ban Working Locally?

Posted on · As we head toward the next legislative session, one bill on the agenda might look very familiar. It's the texting while driving law that was passed, but then vetoed by Governor Rick Perry last session. However the law has been implemented on the local level in certain cities and with mixed results.


How Early Voting Changes Elections

Posted on · With more and more people choosing to vote early instead of on Election Day — it raises Some philosophical questions about how we vote. Do people who vote early have the same set of facts as those who vote on Election Day? And will the boost to early voting change the way politicians campaign for votes?

Public Insight Network

KUHF Joins PIN And Asks Sources If Texas Is Part Of The South

Posted on · KUHF News just became a member of the Public Insight Network. Listeners and community members can become a part of the network, and share what they know about timely issues. Reporters will reach out to sources with short questionnaires when they're working on a story. The first story for the Public Insight Network was whether or not Texas was part of the South.