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New Study Looks At Health Benefits Of Walking To Transit Stops

Posted on · With two new light rail lines set to open in Houston later this year, health and transportation researchers are teaming up for a long-term study on the benefits of walking to transit stops. They want to know if a couple of brisk walks a day can lead to major changes in well-being.


Tour Guide Shows Visitors Around Houston’s Underground World

Posted on · Eating at food courts and mingling with office workers may not seem like an interesting thing thing to do when you're visiting a new city, but lots of people do it when they come to Houston. Hundreds of people every year go on tours of the downtown tunnels, the bustling network beneath the streets that connects Houston's high-rise buildings.

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Can Teaching 90,000 Students Online Make Colleges Better?

Posted on · This week not just elementary and high school students, but also college students head back to class. This year universities in Houston are expanding their role in one of the hottest topics in higher education. KUHF Education Reporter Laura has more as part of our special back to school coverage.

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Why One Family Worries They Will Be Separated

Posted on · As Congress hammers out the details of an immigration reform bill, many undocumented families are watching the news with some hope that a path to citizenship passes. KUHF's Shomial Ahmad talked to one Houston-area family who are hoping that, but right now, they're living with the fear of what would happen if their family was separated.