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Do You Remember The Paul Broussard Murder?

Posted on · Twenty-five years ago, Paul Broussard, a 27-year-old gay man, was murdered on the streets of Houston. Through a documentary and a follow up live town hall, Houston Public Media explores the aftermath of this pivotal event – from civil unrest to hate crime legislation; from victims’ rights to political activism. Tell us your story.

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Tell Us: How Do You Commute?

Posted on · We want to hear from you and know more about how Houstonians commute. Become a news source and you might be heard on Houston Matters.

Rerouting Houston Buses

The Tale Of Two Bus Routes

Posted on · Big changes are coming for Houston's bus riders as Metro prepares to roll out a major redesign of its entire network. Officials say the goal is to create a system that's easier to use and provides more frequent service, but for some riders, that means they'll no longer have their familiar routes. In part one of our series "Rerouting Houston Buses", we look at the impact of Metro's new bus network on two commutes, and how riders are reacting to the changes.