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Abortion law at the Texas Supreme Court (Nov. 29, 2023)

Posted on · On Wednesday's show: The Texas Supreme Court heard oral arguments yesterday about whether the state’s abortion law harms women who face complications during pregnancy. We take a closer look at the legal questions at play. And we discuss the latest developments in politics in our weekly roundup.

Houston Matters

Poll explores the mayoral runoff (Nov. 27, 2023)

Posted on · On Monday's show: We take a closer look at what a new poll says about the upcoming mayoral runoff. And how much do days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday still mean for retailers this time of year?

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PragerU video questioning human-caused climate change shown to Houston ISD students

Posted on · The school district said in a statement it is no longer using content created by PragerU, a controversial nonprofit that promotes conservative viewpoints. Its content has not been approved by the Texas Education Agency or State Board of Education.

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City of Houston

Houston City Council members proposing ordinance to address skyrocketing water bills

Posted on · The agenda item proposed by Carolyn Evans-Shabazz, Mary Nan Huffman and Amy Peck is currently under review by the city's legal department before it can be placed on a future council agenda. If approved, it would decrease the timeframe the public works department has to correct erroneous water bills, unless it's in the customer's favor.