Welcome to New Mexico sign in an abortion clinic that is serving Texans in New Mexico

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Texans highly motivated to travel to New Mexico for abortions

Posted on · In most circumstances, it is illegal to perform an abortion in Texas. The solution for many is to travel out of Texas and to a state where abortion is still legal. Texas Public Radio reporters Kayla Padilla and David Martin Davies examine this in the series “Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Evading the Texas Abortion Ban.”

Memorial Hermann Health System is the largest hospital system in the Houston area.

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Memorial Hermann at ‘impasse in negotiations’ with Humana as their network contract is set to expire Jan. 1

Posted on · Memorial Hermann patients with Humana insurance plans could be forced to pay out-of-network costs, or find new doctors in order to continue paying in-network prices for medical services, if the two companies cannot reach a new agreement.