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How You Can Navigate the New Health Exchange for the Affordable Care Act in Houston

Posted on · This coming Tuesday will mark the start of the sign-up period for uninsured Houstonians to receive coverage through a new health exchange. In the final installment of our recurring Affordable Care Act series, we offer you a chance to get your questions answered and myths debunked. We are joined once again by KUHF Health and […]

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Houston Matters for Thursday, September 26, 2013

Posted on · You know that one thing that just sticks in your craw...that makes your otherwise wonderful life here in Houston just a little tiny bit less than it could be? "Oh, if ONLY it weren't for THAT!” Well, today is your day to vent – to share with the rest of Greater Houston that one thing […]

Affordable Care Act

Average Prices for New Obamacare Health Plans Revealed

Posted on · The insurance marketplaces that are a key part of Obamacare don't go on-line until Tuesday. But the federal government gave the public a sneak peek of what the insurance plans could actually cost. The average premiums in Texas are slightly less than in other states, but that doesn't mean uninsured people will actually enroll.

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Houston Matters for Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Posted on · KUHF, along with KHOU and Rice University just concluded a poll seeking voters’ opinions on a variety of issues heading into the November election. Poll questions ranged from opinions about the Houston mayor’s race to bond initiatives to renovate the Astrodome and build an inmate processing center, to problems facing the city of Houston. On […]

Houston Matters

Statewide Look at the Affordable Care Act

Posted on · In our fourth installment of the Affordable Care Act implementation, as the October 1st enrollment time nears, Craig Cohen spoke with Texas’ Health and Human Services Director Marjorie Petty. He was also joined by KUHF”S Health and Science Reporter Carrie Feibel. Our previous installments: http://www.houstonmatters.org/segments/segment-c/2013/08/29/demystifying-the-affordable-care-act-for-houstonians http://www.houstonmatters.org/segments/segment-c/2013/09/05/the-affordable-care-act-for-those-houstonians-who-are-self-employed-and-unemployed http://www.houstonmatters.org/segments/segment-c/2013/09/12/navigating-health-care-options-for-the-affordable-care-act-in-houston

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Houston Matters for Thurs., Sept. 19, 2013

Posted on · We’ve explored Houston’s diversity many times on this program. We’ve also examined how the Montrose neighborhood in Houston, in particular, has long had a reputation for being gay-friendly. Many Houstonians also point to one of our political leaders as a demonstration of how we’re ahead of the curve, as the only major city with a […]

Houston Matters

Navigating Health Care Options for the Affordable Care Act in Houston

Posted on · We continue our weekly series of conversations designed to help prepare you for the rollout of the final phase of the Affordable Care Act, in which uninsured Americans can seek out health care benefits through a "marketplace." Today, we learned about resources available to help you navigate that marketplace. KUHF's Health and Science reporter Carrie […]