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First Big Ozone Wave of 2012 Hits Houston

Posted on · Houston enjoyed beautiful weather this weekend and it's continuing today. But apparently those sunny skies arrived with a dark lining: the air pollutant known as ozone. The area is still under an ozone alert after levels peaked on Saturday. 

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Annual Medical “Match Day” Brings Joy to Hundreds at UT

Posted on · "Match Day" is a medical school ritual that happens every March. It's the day when fourth-year students find out their "match" with a residency program. KUHF Health and Science Reporter Carrie Feibel spoke with one young man who's actually the youngest in his class at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston.

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Study Finds Smoking Still Prevalent Among Young

Posted on · More than three million high school students are smokers, and smoking is now being called a pediatric epidemic. The Surgeon General released a report today on youth smoking, the first big review of the problem since 1994. The report laid out strong evidence that promotion and marketing by tobacco companies causes young people to begin smoking.

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KUHF Conversations: Melaney Linton

Posted on · It's been a tough year for Planned Parenthood in Texas. Political opposition to abortion has led to funding cuts for seemingly unrelated services provided by the organization – services such as contraception and breast exams. Some clinics have shut down. But the Gulf Coast Chapter has continued to grow, with a new clinic opening in Northwest Houston. Now there's a new President and CEO, Melaney Linton.

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New Option For Mentally Incompetent Stuck In Legal Limbo

Posted on · A state judge says Texas must do something about some of the mentally ill inmates languishing in county jails. The inmates in question are so sick they can't go to trial until they are stable enough to understand the judicial process. In Harris County, officials will open a new psychiatric unit this week to treat those patients.

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Contraceptive Compromises

Posted on · President Barack Obama says religious organizations, like Catholic hospitals will not have to offer birth control to their employees. Instead, insurance plans will have to step up.