Starbucks Red Cup Day Strike Sign


Starbucks workers in Houston participate in nationwide strike on ‘Red Cup Day’

Posted on · A supervisor at the Starbucks location in the Texas Medical Center described promotions such as Red Cup Day as "horrible" for employees, saying stores are not adequately staffed and some customers end up being negatively impacted. The location is one of three in the Houston area to join a company-wide movement to unionize.

HISD protest books library


Mike Miles gains power as Houston ISD Board of Managers approves major policy changes, union files grievances and community members protest

Posted on · State-appointed superintendent Mike Miles gained more power Thursday night, but he didn’t get everything he asked for. Also this week, the Houston ISD teachers’ union filed grievances seeking to pause the reforms in about 60 of the 85 targeted schools, and community members organized a “read in” protest at the board meeting. 

Picketers carry signs outside Paramount in Times Square on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, in New York. The actors strike comes more than two months after screenwriters began striking in their bid to get better pay and working conditions and have clear guidelines around the use of AI in film and television productions.
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