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Banned Books Week and Creationism in Texas Schools

Posted on · We have a complex relationship, at times, with what books we use, and how we use them, in public education here in Texas.  We have, at times, been at the center of controversy over the language and information presented in Texas classroom textbooks, most notably in the form of occasional challenges to the teaching of […]

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Poetry Slam Team ‘Meta-Four Houston’

Posted on · We meet the Writers in the Schools poetry slam team, “Meta-Four Houston.” The team won the state championship in August and represented Houston in the annual Brave New Voices competition in Chicago. Here’s a video of team-member Sarah Portugal performing a poem:

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Author Exposes Threat of Nuclear Mishaps

Posted on · You may remember investigative journalist Eric Schlosser as the guy who ruined fast food for you, at least for a time. His book Fast Food Nation was a best-selling exposé of the American food industry, and thanks to him, we all know too well how the chicken nuggets are made. Well, now he’s back to […]

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Hamlet and the Henrys

Posted on · If it’s feeling especially Elizabethan in Houston these days, you’re not imagining things. In the live theatre world, you can see the Classical Theatre Company’s production of Hamlet right now at the Barnevelder Arts Complex. Or, if you were watching Houston PBS last Friday night, you may have caught a performance of William Shakespeare’s Richard […]

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Houston Matters for Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Posted on · KUHF, along with KHOU and Rice University just concluded a poll seeking voters’ opinions on a variety of issues heading into the November election. Poll questions ranged from opinions about the Houston mayor’s race to bond initiatives to renovate the Astrodome and build an inmate processing center, to problems facing the city of Houston. On […]

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Interviewing author Maco Faniel on Hip Hop in Houston: The Origin and Legacy

Posted on · For some 30 years now, Houston has played a significant role in hip hop. The music – and the culture it inspires – is explored in the new book Hip Hop in Houston: The Origin and Legacy. It’s written by native Houstonian Maco Faniel, who explores our city’s role in hip hop music history. Maco […]

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Is Houston a Home for Introverts?

Posted on ·   We’ve noted a number of times on this program how diverse Houston is. Ethnically, religiously, socioeconomically. No matter how you slice it, Houston is a melting pot. And that goes for personalities, too. We have loud, expressive, bombastic people. We have reserved, introspective people. While we routinely hear from the extroverts among us, those […]


MFAH’s Artful Thursday: Dr. Louis Markos

Posted on · The month's free Artful Thursday program The Foundation of Rome: The Frescoes of the Capitoline Museum is on July 18, 2013, beginning at 6:30 pm in the Caroline Wiess Law Building of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  In anticipation of this, Classical 91.7's Eric Ladau spoke with Dr. Louis Markos, Artful Thursday presenter, Robert H. Ray Chair in Humanities, scholar in residence, and professor in English at Houston Baptist University.


MFAH’s Artful Thursday: Dr. Sarah Kielt Costello

Posted on · The month's free Artful Thursday program Cuneiform in Context is on May 16, 2013, beginning at 6:30 pm in the Caroline Wiess Law Building of the Museum of Fine Arts Houston.  In anticipation of this, Classical 91.7's Eric Ladau spoke with Dr. Sarah Kielt Costello, Artful Thursday presenter and professor at the University of Houston.

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Houston Matters (really, it does)

Posted on · Greetings! And thanks for visiting Houston Matters’ website! What is Houston Matters, you ask? Well, first and foremost, it’s a radio program, which you can hear Fridays at noon on KUHF 88.7 FM in Houston. During each hour of Houston Matters, we investigate the issues and ideas, people and places that make Houston…well…Houston! We talk […]