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Join host Ernie Manouse each week as he and a changing panel of Houston influencers gather to talk about their favorite books. With lots of laughs and a good-hearted nature, Ernie and crew will tackle some of your favorite genres — from Horror to Heroes, Self-Discovery to Romance — this book club will showcase all that we love to read.

Cover to Cover Episodes

Ep. 1: Texas

Host Ernie Manouse and book club panelists Ann Weisgarber, Andrea White, Joe Holley, and Deborah Duncan explore books about the Lone Star State — from the "Lonesome Dove" to "Life is an Adventure."

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  • Other Worlds

100 books. One winner. Are you ready to help chose America's favorite novel? The Great American Read with Meredith Vieira returns this fall September 11th on TV 8.

Click the vote button below to see the top 100 books and vote for your favorite.



The Stories That Shape Us

A series of dictionaries first opened Olympian Carl Lewis's eyes to the world around him. Words by Charles Dickens inspired Lauren Anderson, Houston's first African American principal ballerina, to think about how stories unfold.

In the intimate video series, Stories That Shape Us, Houstonians share the books, characters and words that helped shape who they are today.


Project Credits

Project Credits

  • Don Geraci
    Executive Producer
  • Tomeka Weatherspoon
    Stories That Shape Us
  • Ernie Manouse
    HPM Book Club
  • Matthew Brawley
  • Fujio Watanabe
  • Joe Brueggeman
  • Shannon Harrison
  • Vicky Charleston
    Creative Director
  • Justin McKee
    Creative Services Mgr
  • Akalina Sanchez
    Graphic Designer
  • Michelle Lam
    Product Designer
  • Jared Counts
  • Doug Mueller
    Senior Producer
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