As Coronavirus shut down Houston, healthcare workers were left no choice but to risk their lives to fight the virus. With exhausted faces, bruises, and creases from masks and goggles, medical personnel on the frontlines fought overcrowded hospitals, lack of equipment, quickly rising cases, and more. As the fourth largest city in the nation with the largest Medical Center in the world, our healthcare professionals and fellow Houstonians were tested in the wake of the Coronavirus to save themselves and others amid this global pandemic.

Join Houston Public Media in partnership with St. Luke’s Health to explore Houston’s response to COVID-19 in TESTED.

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Episode 4: Forced Isolation

Isolation and the feeling of being alone have been a hardship on many families during the Coronavirus pandemic. Not just for patients, but for medical professionals as well.

In Episode 4 of TESTED, two nurses talk about feeling disconnected from their support teams, their families and the difficulties that patients’ relatives have not being able to visit their loved ones.

This series is in partnership with St. Luke’s Health.

Tested Episode 4

Episode 3: Innovation on the Fly

Innovation was necessary when the Coronavirus struck the Greater Houston Area. In Episode 3 of TESTED, medical professionals and engineers explain some of the advances they made in order to fight the virus.

This series is in partnership with St. Luke’s Health.

Tested Episode 3

Episode 2: Evolving Care

When COVID-19 cases started appearing in Harris County, doctors knew nothing about how to fight it. How to determine if a patient actually had Coronavirus and the best way to treat them were only a couple of the questions healthcare professionals had to answer quickly with no information to guide them.

In episode 2 of TESTED, frontline healthcare workers recount the early response to the pandemic.

This series is in partnership with St. Luke’s Health.

Tested Episode 2

Episode 1: Harris County’s Patient Zero

Lt. Chris Hernandez was amongst the thousands to attend the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Barbecue Cook-off. 11 days later, Lt. Hernandez was placed on a ventilator after testing positive for COVID-19.

The Patton Village Police Lieutenant and married father of three felt feverish. He headed up the stairs to take a cold bath. However, as he got to the top of the stairs, he wondered, “what’s wrong with me?” as he gasped for air. He didn’t realize what he was fighting, and he didn’t know he would shut down a city. In episode 1 of TESTED, hear Lt. Hernandez’s story and medical professionals’ response to the beginning of the pandemic and the first confirmed case of community spread in the Greater Houston area.

This series is in partnership with St. Luke’s Health.

Tested Episode 1