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Students Share Their Stories About Life at Unorthodox Furr HS

Posted on · (Above: Furr senior Milburgo Mora participated in many activities at school, including the Green Ambassadors and the media team. During his sophomore year, he and his friends would hang out at this rock, where students could write graffiti. Photo: Eric Kayne)This year, News 88.7's education reporter Laura Isensee has been following developments at Houston's Furr […]

Houston Matters

Furr High School is Trying to Rethink High School, Including How Teachers are Hired

Posted on · (Above: Furr High School is experimenting with a new model for education, including how they hire teachers. Here, administrators watched applicants on a live video feed as they tried to solve clues and "escape the room" during the interview process. Photo: Laura Isensee | Houston Public Media) News 88.7 education reporter Laura Isensee has been […]

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