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Working past retirement age (Jan. 26, 2023)

Posted on · On Thursday's show: We discuss why some older Houstonians keep working long past the traditional retirement age. And new revelations about the siege on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco 30 years ago come to light in a new book.

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Co-Working Spaces Give Freelancers a Place to Share Ideas — and WiFi

Posted on · Co-working spaces, like the sixth most valuable private company in the world WeWork, are office rental spaces where freelancers or entrepreneurs can go to feel part of an office community, though perhaps not as buttoned-up. Houston has lacked these spaces in the past, or at least they weren't as flashy. But that tide seems to […]

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Main Street Theater Explores ‘Working’ in the 21st Century

Posted on · In a convergence of arts and culture in Houston, the work of a famed public radio interviewer, and the childhood of another public radio interviewer (Houston Matters host Craig Cohen), Main Street Theater will present a production of Working, beginning May 21 and running through June 19, 2016. It's an adaptation of the 1970s musical […]

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Fair Housing and Making a Murderer: Tuesday’s Show (May 17, 2016)

Posted on · Earlier this month, the U.S. Justice Department announced that the City of Beaumont agreed to pay $475,000 and change its zoning and land use practices to resolve a lawsuit alleging it discriminated against people with intellectual or developmental disabilities who sought to live in small group homes in the city's residential neighborhoods. The settlement stems […]

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Working the Night Shift in Houston

Posted on · When most of us think about our lives and times here in Houston, we’re thinking about working or going to school during the day, then caring for, shuttling around, or – ideally –simply spending time with loved ones while we decompress in the evening. Then, we typically sleep through the night before we do it […]

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More Houstonians Are Beating Traffic By Working From Home

Posted on · Sometimes the traffic in Houston just makes you want to stay home from work. Some companies are making it easier for employees to do just that by offering the option to telecommute. We learn about telecommuting in Houston and welcome your questions for Veronica Baxter-Lamb, Transportation Program Coordinator for the Houston-Galveston Area Council's Commute Solutions […]