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Female CEOs Share their Experiences and Lessons for Women in Business

Posted on · Today is the start of the Women's Business Enterprise Alliance's Business Expo at the George R. Brown Convention Center. For 20 years, the WBEA has worked to help women’s business enterprises grow and develop. The Houston-based organization serves nearly 100 counties in the state. To learn more about the challenges women face in business, we […]

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Bill Would Allow Women to Sue Their Employers Over Equal Pay

Posted on · State Senator Rodney Ellis, a Houston Democrat, has filed Senate Bill 65, which would allow Texas women to sue private businesses if they find out they’re not getting paid equally for similar jobs, regardless of when they learn about the salary discrepancy. Sound familiar? It should. It's the same concept covered in the federal Lily […]

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Juvenile Justice, Equal Pay and The Full Menu: Wednesday’s show (March 4, 2015)

Posted on · A federal civil rights investigation into law enforcement and criminal justice in Ferguson, Missouri will be released Wednesday. A law enforcement official familiar with the report tells NPR the investigation determined blacks were disproportionately targeted by police and the justice system, leading to –Â or reinforcing –Â a lack of trust in both police and […]

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How Are Women’s Roles in Faith Changing in Houston?

Posted on · Women have played key roles in faith-based communities as long as they have existed. In recent years, that leadership has been formalized. More congregations today are led by women. Here in Houston, women are Reverends and Rabbis, hold leadership roles in interfaith organizations. And yet, some sects of some religions still hold to long-standing, traditional […]

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Wearable Art: Exhibit Chronicles Years of Intricate Junior Forum Skirts

Posted on · If you’ve ever Googled the phrase “volunteering in Houston,” you’ll find hundreds of organizations that you can connect with. One of the oldest though — and a solely female volunteer group — is the Houston Junior Forum. It’s been around for 67 years with a focus on helping kids and senior Houstonians — all while […]

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Minorities and STEM

Posted on · Science, technology, engineering and math majors can lead to high-paying jobs, especially in Houston where many of these industries thrive. And yet, there are some disparities when it comes to which students are participating in such STEM programs. African-American and Hispanic students account for less than 15 percent of those graduating with STEM degrees. And […]