New York Times Best-selling author, James Patterson (Photo credit: Stephanie Diani)

Town Square

NYT best-selling author, James Patterson, on his new book “Blowback”. Plus, a conversation with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg

Posted on · James Patterson on his impressive career as the world’s best-selling author with over 400 million books sold. Plus, U.S. Secretary Pete Buttigieg discusses plans for improving transportation conditions in Houston.

Houston Matters

Are ROTC Programs Still Necessary?

Posted on · Last month, the Houston Chronicle reported on a review by the Government Accountability Office of eight of the state's 22 Reserve Officers Training Corps units – more commonly known as ROTC. In 2013, Congress eliminated a number of such units nationwide, as they weren't producing enough officers. That's the concern here in Texas as well. […]

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