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Full Show: Bike Plan Revisited, And The Life Of A Storm Chaser (April 17, 2018)

Posted on · On Tuesday's Houston Matters: Bike Houston issues a report card on the city's bike plan. We look back at the Branch Davidian siege, which ended 25 years ago this week. We learn what issues Texas museums are facing. We meet a biomedical engineer who makes wheelchairs for the disabled in developing countries. And we learn about the life of a famous storm chaser.

Houston Matters

University Of Houston Hosts Wheelchair Rugby Summer Camp

Posted on · The sport of rugby is a physical game, and as if it weren’t challenging enough try doing it all from a wheelchair. Quadriplegic athletes from the around country did just that recently when they attended a Wheelchair Rugby Training Camp at the University of Houston. News 88.7’s Syeda Hasan has the story.

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Engineer Designs Cheap, Durable Wheelchair to Distribute to Developing Countries

Posted on · Don Schoendorfer is a biomedical engineer with a doctorate from MIT. So when he started tinkering with parts from old lawn chairs and bicycles, some thought he was losing his mind. His wife wasn't a fan of all the debris in their garage either. But Don was working to make prototype after prototype of a […]

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Accessibility in Houston, Pet Care, and the Texans After Kubiak: Houston Matters for Monday, December 9, 2013

Posted on · When we think about “getting around” Houston, we tend to think of it from our own perspective. If you’re young you don’t think about it from the standpoint of someone who’s older. If you own a car, you tend not to think much about those who don’t. The same goes for disabilities. If you’re not […]