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How Realistic is Hydrogen as the Next Big Energy Source?

Posted on · Each Tuesday of this month, Houston Matters is exploring efforts here in Greater Houston to pursue alternative forms of energy that might someday, in some way, dramatically reduce carbon emissions. Last week, we discussed solar energy. In future weeks, we'll explore wind and biofuels. Today, we talk about developments in harnessing hydrogen energy. We welcome […]

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Are Unregulated Drilling Waste Pits A Threat To Texas Groundwater?

Posted on · Not since the oil boom of the 1980s have so many wells been drilled in Texas. Last year the total number of “holes drilled” for oil & gas topped 24,000 state-wide according to Texas regulators. But there’s concern that Texas isn’t doing enough to make sure that all that drilling doesn’t end-up polluting precious groundwater. […]

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Traffic in Houston Is Not So Bad…At Least if You’re Kayaking

Posted on · On the heels of our recent discussion about what's on your Houston "bucket list," Houston Public Media Director of Content Capella Tucker and Houston Matters host Craig Cohen knock one item off the list, as they kayak along Buffalo Bayou, courtesy of Bayou City Adventures. More: Bayou City Adventures Kayaking Schedule Map of the Houston […]

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What’s Up with Texas Water?

Posted on · As the10th annual Texas Water Day kicked off yesterday in Washington DC, where they'll be looking at things like water infrastructure development, it got us thinking, what is the situation with water in Texas and Houston? It may not feel like it recently with all the rain, but the memory of the 2011 drought is […]

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Water Conservancy and Iconic 20th Century Photos: Houston Matters for Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Posted on · The tenth annual Texas Water Day kicked off yesterday in Washington DC. It’s an effort by the Texas Water Conservation Association to lobby lawmakers and other officials about their priorities, including Texas water infrastructure development and certifying levees. On today’s Houston Matters, we discuss issues associated with water in Houston and across the state of […]


Watch Your Water Bill Rise

Posted on · Houstonians will see their water bills go up in April and possibly again later in the year. Houston's water-sewer system is losing money and city officials say rates must be raised to keep the system running. Laurie Johnson reports.