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Fulshear City Council considering moratorium on new development as water problems persist

Posted on · The suburb southwest of Houston has more than doubled in population during the last few years. Its explosive growth as well as prolonged hot and dry weather have contributed to capacity and pressure issues within Fulshear's water supply.

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Why Well Water Could Pose Threat to Pregnant Women

Posted on · By law, the public water supply is routinely tested to ensure levels of various chemicals aren't too high. That's not the case, though, with private wells, which some residents in the more rural areas of the region use as their source for drinking water. To learn more about water quality issues faced by those areas, […]

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Discussing Houston’s Drinking Water Quality and Supply

Posted on · The local think tank Center for Houston's Future is hosting its annual Summer Salon series called Water Water Everywhere, featuring discussions on issues related to water. The first talk addressed drinking water and water supply. The second talk, coming in July, will center on dealing with recent flooding. And the final talk in August addresses […]

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Ron Hickman and Rodney Ellis on Harris County Jail: Tuesday’s Show (June 14, 2016)

Posted on · Five inmates have died in the Harris County Jail so far in 2016. One recent death, due to head trauma, occurred as the inmate was being processed in a holding cell. The incident sparked an inquiry from the U.S. Justice Department, amid recently announced criminal justice reform efforts in Harris County aimed at keeping people […]

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How Clean is Houston’s Drinking Water?

Posted on · One weekend just a few weeks back, hundreds of Houston residents complained about the taste and smell of their tap water. The City of Houston said the odor and taste was a result of increased levels of naturally-occurring compounds in untreated surface water supplies. The Public Works Departments said, despite the unappealing taste and odor, […]

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