Another Special Session To Pass A GOP Voting Bill Started Without A Quorum. This Time It’s Unclear If Democrats Will Stay Away

Posted on · Both chambers convened at noon Saturday for a second overtime round ordered by Gov. Greg Abbott. The first 30-day stretch ended in an impasse after House Democrats left the state to block a controversial GOP elections bill.


Texas Democrats Who Left Austin To Block Voting Bill Won’t ‘Telegraph’ 2nd Special Session Plans

Posted on · After Democrats left Austin and blocked legislation from passing in the first legislative session, Gov. Greg Abbott set a second to begin Saturday. But without a quorum it will meet the same fate.

Houston Matters

What’s the Influence of Texas in Washington?

Posted on · The state of Texas has long had significant influence on national politics. With both Presidents Bush hailing from the Lone Star State, and Sen. Ted Cruz making waves in Washington today, our state is well represented among influential politicians. But that’s just half of the story. Texas businesses and industries also influence the goings-on in […]