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Are Thousands of Texas Voters Being Disenfranchised?

Posted on · A report by the Texas Civil Rights Project describes what the organization considers defective and inadequate voter registration procedures at both state and local levels. According to the report, these practices effectively disenfranchise thousands of Texans. There are seven bodies charged with registering people to vote, but the Secretary of State’s office doesn’t have enforcement […]


TX Senate Opens Public Debate, Prepares For Vote On Voter ID Law

Posted on · Public testimony gets underway today in the Texas Senate on a proposed law requiring voters to show a photo ID when they go to the polls. Republicans say voter ID laws are needed to prevent fraud. Democrats contend it's a partisan move designed to increase GOP margins on Election Day. As David Pitman reports, voter impersonation does not appear to be a widespread problem in Texas.


Fire Destroys County’s Voting Machines

Posted on · Investigators are still trying to find out what caused an early morning fire that destroyed the Harris County Election Technology Center. That building contained all ten-thousand of the county's voting machines. That leaves election officials scrambling for answers with just a few months till the November election. Bill Stamps has more.


Houston Votes Answers Allegations

Posted on · A nonprofit voter registration group disputes claims made by the Harris County Tax Assessor Collector that thousands of bogus voter registration applications collected were an attempt to taint the voter rolls. Pat Hernandez has more.