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A Closer Look at Voter Attitudes and Habits in 2016 Election

Posted on · This presidential election cycle has blown up much of the conventional wisdom out there about voter attitudes and habits. Many respected experts were slow to catch onto the appeal of “outsider” campaigns led by Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. We discuss what political scientists got right and wrong about the primary season, and now that […]

Houston Matters

Are Houstonians Less Likely to Vote Than Other Americans?

Posted on · This morning NPR’s Morning Edition examined voter anxiety in this election year, and what’s fueling it. We explore what potentially sets voter attitudes in Greater Houston apart from other communities — voter apathy. While voter turnout is typically lower in off-year elections, even with controversial issues and a mayoral campaign, last fall’s election turnout was, […]

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Oil Impact on Nonprofits, and Houston Voter Apathy: Monday’s Show (January 25, 2016)

Posted on · As oil prices continue to fall, there’s been some hand-wringing in Greater Houston over the potential impact to the region’s nonprofits. Some philanthropic organizations rely heavily on support from some of Houston’s major oil and gas companies, and as belt tightening continues in some portions of the energy sector, there’s concern that it could lead […]

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