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Red Light Cameras and Ending Vehicle Inspections: Friday’s Show (March 31, 2017)

Posted on · Once again this session, state lawmakers are considering the pros and cons of limiting or banning red light cameras statewide. The Senate Transportation Committee heard testimony on the idea on March 6, 2017. Some municipalities have limited their use, or eliminated them for enforcement. Houston disconnected red light cameras years ago, but Sugar Land has […]

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How Safe is Houston for Cyclists & Bikers?

Posted on · On Wednesday’s Houston Matters, we talked about our lives in traffic in our cars. Today, we look at Greater Houston through cyclists’ eyes. We discuss recent bicycle accidents and explore bicycle and motorcycle safety in Houston. First, we welcome your questions for Michael Payne, the Executive Director of Bike Houston, and Laura Spanjian, Sustainability Director […]

Houston Matters

Answering Your Car Repair Questions

Posted on · We’ve talked a lot about the state of Houston’s roads on our show, but what about your car? What should you be doing now to prevent bigger-and more expensive-issues down the road? Do you have a burning question about something funky your car is doing? Today, two AAA technicians to answer your questions about your […]