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Local VA Officials Answer Your Questions

Posted on · On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced a plan for major changes in the speed of veteran care. This statement comes in advance of an inspector general’s report on the situation at the Phoenix VA hospital, where there were significant delays in care, and scheduling records were manipulated. Since that scandal broke in […]

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Veterans, Bitcoin, and the Art of Radio Waves: Houston Matters for Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Posted on · This week, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs announced a plan to improve the speed of veteran care. President Obama promised military veterans at the American Legion national convention that he would fulfill his “sacred trust” to them by overhauling a system deemed “unacceptable and troubling” by an inspector general's report highlighting a Phoenix VA […]


Treatment They Deserve

Posted on · Soldiers wounded while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are at higher risk for psychiatric problems than military personnel serving in non-combat locations. In her position as assistant secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Tammy Duckworth is equipped to understand issues facing American veterans because she's one of them. Pat Hernandez had a chance to talk to her during a recent visit to Houston.


Houston VA Studies Traumatic Brain Injuries

Posted on · The Houston VA Hospital has received a $5 million dollar grant to study and develop treatment for traumatic brain injuries, especially in veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Jim Bell reports.

Veterans Call to Action

Returning Vets- Part 4

Posted on · For every problem returning veterans face there's a program or service to help them. But even with some of the best medical and social care in the nation—Houston still has ground to cover to keep up with the needs of the growing veteran population. Laurie Johnson has the series 'Returning Veterans: A Call To Action.'

Veterans Call to Action

Returning Vets Series- Part 3

Posted on · Every type of resource a veteran could ever need is available in Houston. But there are still vets who end up without medical care—unemployed and on the streets. As Laurie Johnson reports in part three of a four-part series—veterans come home expecting to rebuild their lives. But for some of them—a return to civilian life leaves them destitute.

Veterans Call to Action

Returning Vets- Part 2

Posted on · The presence of the Texas Medical Center and the VA Hospital are significant assets for the region and for vets. As Laurie Johnson reports in part two of a four-part series— Houston has everything to offer for returning veterans— once they actually decide to look for help.