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Is it possible for America to uphold the Second Amendment, and also have gun laws in place to stop violence? Plus, President Biden tests positive for COVID, increases risk for more severe case

Posted on · The Supreme Court made its voice heard on this topic, but with recent mass shootings, there’s a public outcry for change. Also, with President Biden testing positive for COVID, a medical expert explains why there should be concern for his health due to his age.

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Tree Pollen on the Rise: Answers to Your Allergy Questions

Posted on · (Above: Experiencing Houston’s rich greenery, like that seen at Buffalo Bayou Park, can often come with a downside — allergies. Photo: Michael Hagerty, Houston Public Media) Springtime is back in Houston, and that means allergies are too. Hooray! The pollen counts provided by are very high this month and slightly higher than last year. […]