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Allergies & Asthma, A New Approach to Online Educ. & Recovering from Amnesia: Houston Matters for Tues., Feb. 4, 2014

Posted on · Taking a deep breath may seem like a good idea sometimes. But when it comes to allergy season and asthma — forget it! Like most of the country, Houston has distinctive allergy seasons. Sometimes they’re shorter, sometimes they’re longer. But with a humid climate and air pollution, it may seem like allergies are a problem […]

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What Are the Implications for Houston & Texas in State of the Union Address?

Posted on · The President addressed a number of issues in his State of the Union address, which have implications for Houston and Texas. The general tenor of his speech also has implications for the Lone Star state. Prominent Texas officials including Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Ted Cruz have vociferously opposed much of the President’s agenda. Amid […]

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Houston and Texas As Literary Inspiration

Posted on · Poet Ange Mlinko acknowledges that the east coast is the epicenter of the American literary world. However, the author and professor at the University of Houston’s esteemed Graduate Program in Creative Writing says Texas and Houston are fertile ground for literary inspiration. The Lone Star State and the Bayou City have inspired some of Mlinko’s […]

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New Light Rail, Payday Loans & Giant Chocolate Santa: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · Houston has a new light rail line opening. The city passed new restrictions on payday lending. And a local restaurant displays an enormous, 2.5-million calorie chocolate Santa statue. We examine The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Houston news with our panel of decided non-experts: Frederick J. Goodall, author of parenting blog MochaDad.com; Lisa […]

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Why Religious Charities in Houston Wish More People Were in Church

Posted on · Back in the early 1980s, about six or seven percent of Houstonians did not affiliate themselves with any religion. Today, that number has nearly doubled. So we consider what this trend means for established religious institutions in Houston, and the services they provide, now and in the future. We’ll welcome your comments and questions for […]

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Do You Really Need A College Degree to Work in Houston?

Posted on · There are a lot of paths to a quality education. While many may go straight from high school to a four year college, others enter the work force, or the military for a time, and then may return to school. Some attend trade schools or community colleges. Some never pursue higher education. An initiative launched […]

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State of Community Newspapers in Houston

Posted on · We’ve heard about the woes facing publishing – notable newspapers have shifted to online services, reducing or eliminating their print editions. Long-standing magazines have ceased publication. But as major papers and magazines scale back or disappear, how are Houston’s local community papers doing? Are they picking up the slack? Expanding? Surviving? On this edition of […]

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Election Wrap Up

Posted on · Voters approved a lot Tuesday. They said yes to Mayor Annise Parker, who won re-election. Harris County voters approved a proposed joint inmate processing center. Texans said yes to property tax breaks for veterans and their families, a State Water Implementation Fund, even expanded tax exemptions on aircraft parts. The one big thumbs-down? The Dome. […]

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Policing the Police

Posted on · On Thursday, Oct .24, Texas Southern University will host a community meeting called “Policing the Police” – it’s a panel discussion about police procedures. The event stems from recent articles about police misconduct published by the Texas Observer. On this edition of Houston Matters, in advance of the meeting, we talk with Texas Observer writer […]

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Are University Debit Cards Misleading Students?

Posted on · Many colleges and universities have arrangements with banks and other financial institutions to provide students with debit cards. Some function as IDs, some are used to provide students who may not have a bank account with a way to access financial aid. Consumer groups like the Better Business Bureau and the Public Interest Research Group […]

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Your Money and You

Posted on · Once a month, we'll offer you a chance to talk with a Houston-based certified financial planner and/or chartered financial consultant about your personal finance. From day to day budgeting to saving for retirement, we'll offer tips for how to navigate the financial world. Our guest is John Lopez, Clinical Assistant Professor at the Bauer College […]