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COVID-19 Hospitalization Rate Drops Under 4,000 In Texas (March 17, 2021)

Posted on · On Wednesday's show: A look at the COVID-19 hospitalization rate in Houston and Texas, our weekly political roundup, and a visit to the new immersive art installation in the Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern.

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Artists Remapping American History

Posted on · Maybe it's been awhile since you've used an actual paper map – unless you're just not a smartphone person. But nonetheless, maps and roads are a big part of American iconography. And that iconography is also a big part of the work of artists Nick Vaughan and Jake Margolin. For example, they'll painstakingly cut out […]

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For Fans of Mark Rothko, Houston is the Place to Be Right Now

Posted on · For fans of the famed abstract-expressionist Mark Rothko, there's no better place to be than Houston right now. The exhibit, Mark Rothko: A Retrospective, is on display now through Jan. 24 at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. And, of course, more of his works can be seen regularly at the Rothko Chapel and the […]

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‘Shadow Monsters’ Exhibit Brings Out Houston’s Inner Child — and Creature

Posted on · Maybe as a kid you made shadow puppets – putting your hand in front of a light to create a silhouette on the wall of a dog's head or a butterfly. Or maybe you struggled to make shapes, and your shadow puppet ended up looking more like just a blob – or some sort of […]

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Free Speech on Campus and the Right to Hunt and Fish: Friday’s Show (May 29, 2015)

Posted on · A young Blinn College student named Nicole Sanders wanted to start a student organization to advocate for gun rights on the Brenham campus. She was told she could only "engage in expressive activity" in a designated "free speech zone," which is roughly the size of a parking spot. Add this to other “free speech” questions […]

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Where Math Meets Art: The Multiverse of Artist Michael Petry

Posted on · If you saw last year's Best Picture nominee, The Imitation Game, you're familiar with the story of Alan Turing. Turing was a British mathematician and computer scientist who helped crack the Nazi's enigma code, which helped win World War II. And he's considered one of the fathers of computer science. Often, when we think about […]

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Grade Inflation and Visiting The Heights: Wednesday’s Show (May 20, 2015)

Posted on · Earlier this month, internal HISD auditors confirmed the now-fired principal of Westbury High School ordered failing grades in a reading class to be raised to a B. Jason Catchings is appealing the dismissal. (His attorney told Fox 26 that Catchings was operating under orders from a superior, and then told the Houston Chronicle the changes […]

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Air, Condition: Portraying the Unseen Landscape of Houston’s Radio Waves

Posted on · Radio waves are passing through you right now, whether you like it or not (sorry). Some are generated by distant stars; others emanate from a nearby cell phone. And, of course, there are all those pesky radio stations. It’s an unseen yet significant part of Houston’s landscape. Capturing that landscape is the goal of a […]