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Air Quality, and Fighting Opioid Addiction: Tuesday’s Show (April 25, 2017)

Posted on · Is it getting harder to breathe around here? According to Environment Texas, the number of days Houston experienced unhealthy levels of ozone increased from 101 in 2015 to 106 last year. But that momentary snapshot may miss the bigger picture: the air quality in Houston is much improved from what it was years ago. On […]

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Helping Houstonians with HIV/AIDS

Posted on · National HIV Testing Day is this Friday, and the Texas Department of State Health Services is hosting an HIV/STD Conference later this summer in Austin. The city of Houston is partnering with AIDS Foundation Houston to test 15,000 Houstonians for HIV this summer. About 27,000 Houstonians are HIV positive, and thousands more are believed to […]

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Could ‘Deep Brain Stimulation’ Help Treat Depression When Other Options Fail?

Posted on · We learn about research being conducted here in Houston designed to treat people suffering from depression for whom traditional antidepressants and therapy don't seem to work. We discuss what's known as "deep brain stimulation," and why some believe it can succeed where other treatments for depression sometimes fall short.

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What’s Really Going on Inside the Brain of an Addict?

Posted on · The recent death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman has once again raised the specter of addiction. It’s a topic often discussed, but not always well understood. More and more, medical professionals are recognizing addiction as a medical condition. They explain how drugs and alcohol can affect the chemistry in our brains, and how some of […]

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New ‘Helmet’ Helps Stroke Patients

Posted on · We learn about research being conducted right here in Houston to improve the treatment of patients recovering from strokes – including an intriguing study involving the use of an ultrasound "helmet" which works in concert with drug therapy to help ischemic stroke patients. We'll also learn about common warning signs of stroke.