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The most dangerous intersections in Houston (March 17, 2022)

Posted on · On Thursday's show: A study identifies the Houston-area intersections with the most car crashes. Plus: How a recent court ruling stemming from Houston might set precedent for future cases related to hostile work environments. And we visit the largest exhibition ever assembled of works by M.C. Escher.

Houston Matters

Study Examines How and Where ‘Near-Misses’ Happen on Houston Roads

Posted on · (Above: An illustration of some common “near-misses” Houston cyclists and pedestrians face on Houston roads. Images Courtesy: Kinder Institute for Urban Research.) We’ve all had near-misses on Houston roads – moments where we just dodged an accident. It could be a host of things, from changing lanes and not realizing there was someone in your […]

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The Dangers of Driving at Night in Houston

Posted on · A few weeks ago (Feb. 13, 2016), five separate traffic fatalities occurred in Greater Houston in one night. One driver was speeding and lost control of his car. A pedestrian tried to cross FM 1960 and was struck by two different cars. Another motorist trying to get around an 18-wheeler struck the truck, then a […]

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What Are Your Rights When it Comes to Tow Trucks?

Posted on · Dealing with a tow truck company can be a nerve-wracking experience, whether you parked in a spot you thought was legal, or because your car is broken down and needs to get to a shop. But just because a tow truck shows up doesn't mean it's a foregone conclusion that the operator has the right […]

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Wildlife Posing Accident Risks in Greater Houston

Posted on · It’s an inevitable byproduct of suburban sprawl: the farther we spread out geographically into previously undeveloped areas of an ever-expanding Greater Houston region the more we’re likely to come into contact with — and encroach on — the natural environment that’s already there. The opposite is also true: suburban and rural populations will see wildlife […]

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The Future of Houston’s Libraries, the MLK Tree, and the Transtar Control Center: Houston Matters for Thursday, January 16, 2014

Posted on · The Houston Public Library last week announced it’s making available thousands of audiobooks, movies and music titles for free borrowing and streaming online and on mobile devices. It’s a reminder that libraries are much different places today than they once were – or, at least, what we may have once perceived them to be. You […]