Good, Bad and Ugly

Firefighter Contract, DeLay in Court & Great White Sharks: The Good The Bad and The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · From firefighters rejecting a new contract, to Tom DeLay’s latest day in court, to scientists tracking a great white shark headed our way, we explore “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” in this week’s news. Our panelists this week include: Texas Originals Producer Paul Pendergraft, Houston comedian Ty Mahany, and Fred Goodall, author of […]


DeLay’s Victories Endure, Even if He Loses in Court

Posted on · Tom DeLay is still in court a decade after engineering a Republican victory that resulted in convictions for conspiracy and money laundering. Appellate judges are deciding whether he should serve the prison term handed to him in January 2011 or whether he should walk. He might still win, but either way, his party came out ahead.


Trials Proceedings Begin for Tom DeLay

Posted on · Former Congressman Tom Delay is about to go to trial for charges brought against him five years ago. A pre-trial hearing tomorrow in Travis County will address several motions made by the defense. Laurie Johnson reports.