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Crime, Oil Spill Update, ICE, & Kayaking Buffalo Bayou: Houston Matters for Wed., March 26, 2014

Posted on · When you’re the fourth largest city in the country, crime is an inevitable part of life. But what crimes? And how prevalent are they? Houston Police Department statistics offer a glimpse. In January of this year, HPDÂ says there were more than 11,300 crimes reported across the city of Houston. More than half were thefts; […]


New Technology & Personal Responsibility Help to Reduce Auto Theft

Posted on · At an average of 42 per day, Houston has the highest number of auto thefts in Texas. Area law enforcement agencies are teaming up to reduce that number. Retailers of well known products were at the Houston Police Department to talk about technology that could prevent the theft of a vehicle. Pat Hernandez has more.