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DIY Artwork Takes Center Stage At Zine Fest Houston

Posted on · Zine Fest Houston is home to a variety of do-it-yourself media and art. And for a third year in a row, the event will be held at The Printing Museum in Montrose. Event organizers Anastasia Kirages and Maria Heg tell us more about Zine Fest Houston. (Above: The Printing Museum first held Zine Fest Houston […]

Houston Matters

Tour Guide Charles Criner Brings Printing Museum To Life

Posted on · In our city of world-renowned museums full of contemporary and classical art, an odd little Montrose nonprofit aims to preserve and share knowledge about printed communication — which, you can imagine, is just the thing a group of 30 rambunctious elementary school kids want to hear when they head out on a field trip. Luckily, […]

Houston Matters

Combat Paper: Veterans Make Paper Using their Old Uniforms

Posted on · We learn about Combat Paper, a project where veterans engage in the ancient art of making paper — oftentimes using the fabric of their old military uniforms. Co-founder and Army veteran Drew Cameron describes the program. Combat Paper held workshops at The Museum of Printing History in Houston in February 2015.

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