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Is the Texas Almanac Still Necessary in the Era of Smartphones?

Posted on · In our line of work, once in a while you need help pronouncing a person's name or the name of a place. Take, for example, the small town about 50 miles east of downtown Houston that spells its name A-N-A-H-U-A-C. Well, if you had a copy of the Texas Almanac, you could easily find out […]

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More Houstonian Pet Peeves: Friday’s Show (December 11, 2015)

Posted on · Every few months, we give you the opportunity to vent. It could be something about Houston, like the traffic or the weather. It could be something about your life. It could be something you just wished was a little bit different. It's your pet peeve, that one thing that sticks in your craw, that you […]

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