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Texas Rising: How Badly Does the Series Mangle State’s History? Does it Matter?

Posted on · Earlier this month, the History Channel wrapped up Texas Rising, a 10-hour miniseries based on the Texas Revolution against Mexico. Stephen Harrigan is a writer at large for Texas Monthly. He’s been chronicling his thoughts about the miniseries for the publication. He spoke with Houston Matters’ Maggie Martin before the series finale about the historical […]

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Houston Audio Time Capsule: Thursday’s Show (June 25, 2015)

Posted on · 30 years ago this past weekend, Back to the Future opened in theaters here in Houston and across the country. The film, and its subsequent sequels, tells the tale of Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveling back and forth through time in a tricked-out DeLorean. First, Marty travels 30 years back to 1955; then they […]

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