Toll Road Overcharges: TXDOT Says Call HCTRA; HCTRA Says Call TXDOT

Posted on · TXDOT says call your local toll road authority to dispute overcharges. But the Harris County Toll Road Authority says call TXDOT. A system error caused erroneous fines for EZTag drivers in the Houston area. But there's some confusion on how customers should resolve those overcharges.

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A Fight Over Fonts on Highways Signs — and Why You Should Care

Posted on · Highway signs are carefully regulated. They have to be a certain height and color. Most importantly, of course, they have to be as legible as possible, and that’s why there are standard rules for lettering. Back in 2004, Texas and some other states opted to use a new, independently designed font called Clearview instead of the […]

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Where Does the Trash on Houston Freeways Come From?

Posted on · Back in 2011, Houston Matters’ Edel Howlin reported on the amount of litter showing up on Houston freeways. Part of the reason for the increased number was that it was a particularly hot year, one of the hottest on record and also the reason many parts of Texas are still recovering from a drought. Because […]

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How Far Do Your Tax Dollars Go Toward Road Funding?

Posted on · Your gas tax dollars and vehicle registration fees are supposed to cover the cost of building and maintaining our road system here in Texas, but a public interest group out of Austin says that’s not the case. A new report from the Texas Public Interest Research Group says drivers actually pay for less than half […]