Under new Texas House rules, Democrats can chair committees, be punished for breaking quorum

Posted on · Appointing Democrats to key leadership roles has made House Speaker Dade Phelan the target of criticism by members of his own party. During Wednesday’s debate on House rules, more than 30 Republican activists sat in the gallery wearing red shirts that said “Ban Democratic Chairs!”


How The Texas Democratic And Republican Party Platforms Compare

Posted on · Last month, Texas Republicans and Democrats approved the latest versions of their party platforms. A close look at these documents offers a snapshot of where the two parties stand on guns, gay rights, marijuana and other hot-button issues.


We Asked 22 Texas Democrats Running For Congress Whether They’d Vote To Impeach Trump, Here’s What They Said

Posted on · It's clear that many Democrats running for office in Texas oppose President Donald Trump. But when asked about a hypothetical impeachment, many Democratic candidates weren't so fast to say "yes" to oust a sitting president.