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Coastal Residents Sue Plastics Plant on Water Pollution Claim

Posted on · State regulators have linked the plant to plastic pellets in nearby waters and are currently considering an enforcement action. But residents are suing in federal court, hoping for what would be, if they win, an unusually large fine.


Environmental Groups Say Texas Fined Only 3% Of Industrial Polluters

Posted on · Environmental groups say the state is letting polluters off the hook. A new report ranks the worst illegal air pollution events from oil refineries, chemical plans and other industrial facilities across Texas. But several environmental groups say the fault doesn't lie with the state's environmental regulatory agency. They place the blame on state leadership.

Energy & Environment

Is Texas’ ‘Small Army’ Of Pollution Enforcers Big Enough For The Job?

Posted on · Millions of tax dollars are being restored to the state agency that regulates pollution from big industry – the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality or the TCEQ. But at the same time, big cuts have been made to the budget of the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the EPA. So what’s it all mean for keeping our air and water clean in Houston?