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Planet Daughter — Helping Dads and Teenage Daughters Connect Via Tech

Posted on · Houstonian Kimberly Wolf knows dads of teenage daughters have their work cut out for them. That's why she started Girlmentum Media. Between dating, curfews and clothing, any number of things can spark conflict, and Wolf found desperate dads were asking for advice. So she used her background in health and technology to create her own […]

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When Dietary Supplements and ‘Bulking Up’ Go Too Far

Posted on · For years now, concerns have been raised about young athletes using steroids. Its a major focus of the Taylor Hooton Foundation out of Frisco, Texas (north of Dallas). The foundation is named for a teenager who took his own life in 2003 after using anabolic steroids. These days, the foundation is just as concerned about […]

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Navigating Adolescence: New UH Clinic Aims to Help Families

Posted on · Adolescence can be a challenge both for the kid going through it — and for that adolescent’s family and friends. Now, a new clinic recently opened at the University of Houston to help kids and parents to navigate. It’s called the Adolescent Diagnosis, Assessment, Prevention and Treatment Center — or ADAPT. We talk with the […]

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Spotting the Warning Signs for Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Among Teens

Posted on · A community conversation about mental illness and substance abuse among teens will be held Thursday, Jan. 22, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Clear Springs High School in League City. We preview the event, called “Speak Your Mind” by speaking with social worker Melissa Tucker and teenager Matt Ferree, who works with the Gulf Coast […]

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How to Insulate Your Teenager From Modern Stressors

Posted on · Our summer reading series continues with Judith Widener Muir, author of Live Wires: Neuro-Parenting to Ignite Your Teen’s Brain. Her book explains what makes the teenage brain unique and versatile and how to insulate today’s teens from the stresses of “college frenzy, achievement mania and media explosion.” She also explains how versatile and adaptive the […]

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Is Houston Really Affordable? Houston Matters for Tues., Aug. 12, 2014

Posted on · We often hear about the low cost of living in Texas and Houston. But is it really true? The answer, not surprising, is: it depends. Where in Greater Houston you live factors in tremendously. Some areas are seeing unprecedented demand for places to live – and that drives up prices in those areas, not just […]

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How a Local English Teacher Channels Her Inner Teenager in Order to Write Young-Adult Fiction

Posted on · As our summer reading series continues, we talk with Jennifer Mathieu, a local high school English teacher, and the author of a new young adult novel entitled The Truth About Alice. We discuss the impact her day job has on her ability to write for and about teenagers and how she channels her inner teenager […]

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Dan Patrick Backs Out of Debate & UH On Most Beautiful Campuses List: The Good The Bad & The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · From State Senator Dan Patrick backing out of a closed-door debate in River Oaks, because the press wasn’t invited, to a high-speed street race by Woodlands teenagers apparently emulating a new movie, to the University of Houston as one of the “most beautiful” campuses anywhere, we explore The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly in […]

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