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The Grand Parkway, METRO’s Red Line & Year-End Taxes: Houston Matters for Tues., Dec. 10, 2013

Posted on · It’s elaborate, long-anticipated and years in the making. It’s the Grand Parkway: the loop outside the loop outside the loop which, once completed will be more than 180 miles long, and cross seven different counties in its path around Houston. Proponents say the Grand Parkway will cut down commute time for many drivers traveling in […]


County Appraisers Give 2012 Outlook

Posted on · Many economic indicators show Harris County is in the process of rebounding from the recession, but when it comes to property values the news isn't as positive.


A Helping Tax Hand For The Ex-Pat

Posted on · It's that time of year that we all love to hate, filing tax returns. Laws change every year and even if you're an American citizen it can seem complicated. If you've just moved to Houston from another country you're probably completely lost.


Charting The Tax Changes For 2010

Posted on · This is the week when the Internal Revenue Service will start processing itemized federal income tax returns for 2010. That's later than usual, because the IRS needed extra time to update its software to reflect last-minute changes to the tax code. David Pitman sat down with an accountant to go over some of those changes.


Avoid Scams This Tax Season

Posted on · According to the Internal Revenue Service as many as 1.2 million Americans earn fees for preparing tax returns. Unfortunately some of them are running scams. Rod Rice reports that the Texas Attorney General's Office has some tips to avoid being a tax scam victim.


Property Tax Deadline Looms

Posted on · The Harris County Tax Office is issuing its "final warning" for about a hundred thousand delinquent taxpayers. Time is running out for them to pay their property taxes....or else. Jim Bell reports.


Stop the Madness!

Posted on · Tax-day protests are staged around the country. One took place in downtown Houston as Pat Hernandez reports.


Fairness in Obama Budget

Posted on · The President uses tax day to tell working people that his administration is easing their tax burden. In Houston, the coalition of working people and the poor gather in front of the Mickey Leland Federal Building downtown to tout the benefits of Obama's economic stimulus package. Pat Hernandez has the story.


File Your Taxes For Free

Posted on · There's not much that's good about filing income taxes, except that you may be able to file your taxes for free. Rod Rice reports.