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Houston Matters for Wed., Sept. 11, 2013

Posted on · On this edition of Houston Matters, we offer Houstonians an opportunity to share thoughts about a possible U.S. response in Syria. We also learn more about the situation there, and why it's important to us here in Houston, as we talk with Edward Djerejian, former U.S. Ambassador to both Syria and Israel, and founding director […]


How President Obama Can Answer An Important Constitutional Question With Tonight’s Speech On Syria

Posted on · President Obama will make his case for what to do about Syria this evening. The President could put on hold plans for a military strike, after Russia proposed to secure Syria's stockpiles of chemical weapons. David Pitman talked with a local political expert who expects tonight's speech to answer the fundamental question of whether the President needs Congress to be on board with taking military action abroad.


Houston Area Lawmakers Weigh In On Syria

Posted on · As the question of President Obama's intention of a military strike against Syria seems to no longer be "if" but "when" and "how", another question that remains is whether Congress will support it. Members of the Houston area congressional delegation shared their opinions.


Vermont Journalist Talks About Being Kidnapped In Syria

Posted on · We've been following local journalist and former UH student Austin Tice's story since he left for Syria earlier this year. He disappeared on August 13th and the only update on him has been a YouTube video with his captors. To get some insight on what might be happening with Tice, Edel Howlin spoke to another journalist who was also kidnapped in Syria.


New Video May Be Clue to Missing Journalist’s Location

Posted on · Houston journalist Austin Tice was last heard from in Syria on August 13th. That was until this week when a video with someone who looks very like Tice was posted to a pro-Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad website. The video shows him being held hostage and in obvious distress. But all may not be lost says one security expert.


Tweets Over Missing Journalist Austin Tice In Syria

Posted on · AP and other reports suggest that freelance journalist Austin Tice of Houston is being detained in Syria. He has been missing for three weeks and today Syrians and international tweeters spread the for his release.


Houstonian Documents Syrian Fighting For Western News Agencies

Posted on · Western journalists have had difficulty gaining permission to cover the Syrian conflict; so much of the news has been coming from citizens using social media. But some freelance reporters and photographers have been able to slip in. Ed Mayberry talked with one Houstonian on a phone hook-up from Syria.