At 5th Anniversary Of Houston Journalist’s Kidnapping in Syria, Parents Have ‘No Doubt’ That He’s Alive

Posted on · This weekend marks five years since Houston journalist Austin Tice was taken captive in Syria. Since then, his parents have been to the Middle East several times to try and secure his release. 5 years ago, journalist Austin Tice was kidnapped in Syria. Today, his 36th birthday, this banner hangs outside the @Newseum #FreeAustinTice […]

Houston Matters

Events Hit Close to Home for Houston’s Syrian-Americans

Posted on · (Above: Syrian residents of Khan Shaykhun hold signs and pictures on Friday during a protest condemning a suspected chemical weapons attack on their town earlier this week. Photo: Getty Images) Last week's chemical attack in Syria and the U.S. military response remind us of the violence Syrian people have lived with for years. It seems […]