Full Show: Annual Survey Reveals What Concerns Houstonians (May 13, 2019)

Posted on · On Monday's Houston Matters: Dr. Stephen Klineberg reveals the findings of his 38th annual Houston Area Survey. Plus, a local veterinarian answers your questions. And we get an update on Houston sports.

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Examining the Triggers That Lead to Distracted Driving

Posted on · Amid ongoing concern over the proliferation of texting while driving, researchers from the University of Houston and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute set out to determine how absent-mindedness and stress impact driving and learned along the way that — while texting is far more distracting than talking on the phone — there are cognitive, emotional […]

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Study: Voter ID Law Could’ve Affected Texas Congressional Race

Posted on · According to a joint study released this month by Rice University and the University of Houston, the state’s voter ID requirements might have impacted the outcome of a congressional race by keeping voters in an Hispanic-majority district — many of whom had proper ID — from going to the polls. We learn more about the […]

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UH Study: News May Influence Racial Bias

Posted on · Does what we see or read in the news influence our subconscious feelings about race? A new study from the University of Houston suggests as much. We learn more from the study's co-author, UH Assistant Professor of Communication Temple Northup. His article "Effects of Long-Term Exposure to News Stereotypes on Implicit and Explicit Attitudes" was […]

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What Can Zebrafish Teach Us About Human Obesity?

Posted on · What can tiny zebrafish teach us about human obesity? University of Houston researchers recently observed how zebrafish exposed to obesogens (compounds believed to have links to obesity) became heavier and longer than their siblings when given the same diet. Such obesogens are common in flame retardants used in all manner of everyday appliances and furniture, […]