In Texas, Falling Behind On Your Student Loan Payments Can Cost You Your License To Work

Posted on · Texas is among several states that will bar teachers, dentists, nurses and other professional license holders from renewing their licenses if they are in default on their student loans. Critics say the practice is counterproductive, since it impedes Texans’ ability to work and pay back those loans.

Good, Bad and Ugly

HISD Fires Superintendent Search Firm, and Unpaid Student Loans: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · From HISD namingKen Huewitt interim superintendent and firing the search firm they'd just hired in December to find a replacement for outgoing Superintendent Terry Grier…to the University of Texas deciding toban concealed handguns in dormitories but allowing them in classrooms…to a story blown out of proportion about a Houston man being arrested for unpaid student […]

Houston Matters

Advice for Starting Life with Student Debt

Posted on · Arecent reportplaces Houston in the top third among cities nationwide when it comes to affordability for first-time home-buyers. The financial pressure becomes greater when that home buyer is saddled with student debt. Anotherrecent reportfinds college graduates in Harris County with student loans to repay have to earn, on average, $7,000 more annually in order to […]

Full Show

Medical Burnout, Student Debt, and B-Corps: Houston Matters for Monday, Sept. 22, 2014

Posted on · Have a high stress job? Feel like you're burning out a bit? It happens to a lot of Houstonians – notably to physicians, who too often spend more time with paperwork and less with their patients. On this edition of Houston Matters, we discusswhat's behind physician burnout, and how it impacts the doctor-patient relationship. Also: […]