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Houston Graffiti Culture: Not Just Vandalism Anymore

Posted on · One day, University of Houston student Nimra Haroon noticed the wild colors and designs on the walls of some Houston buildings, and — as a history student — she decided to learn more about the history of Houston graffiti. So she rode along with four of the city’s most iconic artists. Haroon then wrote about the experience in […]

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Meet the Artist Behind the ‘Love’ Murals

Posted on · Whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably seen the artwork of Wiley Robertson. If you’ve seen the word “love” on a mural on the side of a building, or seen a colorful painting on a vertical panel nailed to a telephone pole, then you’ve seen the work of the Houston-based street artist, who’s made […]

Arts InSight

Changing Worlds: Behind the New Mural at The Printing Museum

Posted on · We learn about a project by Houston street artist DUAL to design a mural for the west wall at The Printing Museum on W. Clay Street in Montrose. The mural, called Changing Worlds, incorporates Arabic script, calligraphy and historic English typestyles and also refers to printing technology. The project hopes to bridge the divide between languages and communities. It […]