Anti-CRT, Pro-charter PAC money floods school board and State Board of Education campaigns across Texas

Posted on · From local school boards to the State Board of Education, wealthy donors are spending big money in the campaigns that will decide the role of charter schools in Texas public education, what books students can read and how teachers discuss race and gender.


Your district’s State Board of Education seat is on the ballot. Here’s why you should care

Posted on · Across Texas, there are 15 single-member State Board of Education districts, and every seat is on the ballot this election. The SBOE makes important decisions about things like public school curriculum and what textbooks are used.


UPDATE: Texas Education Board Approves Course Formerly Known As Mexican-American Studies

Posted on · After years of debate, the State Board of Education voted preliminarily to create curriculum standards for a Mexican-American studies class. But thanks to the objections of one member, it'll now be called “Ethnic Studies: An Overview of Americans of Mexican Descent.”

Good, Bad and Ugly

Textbooks, Ebola, and Perry in Court: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Houston News

Posted on · From the Texas State Board of Education approving new social studies textbooks this week, to a brief Ebola scare at a Houston emergency room, to legal wrangling over a technicality in Governor Perry’s criminal case: we discuss The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of this week’s Houston news. This week’s panel of “non-experts” include: […]

Houston Matters

Content of Proposed New State Textbooks Creates Controversy…Again

Posted on · The Texas Board of Education is considering more than 100 proposed social studies, history, geography and government textbooks that publishers have submitted for approval for use in public schools statewide. New textbooks have not been adopted in Texas since 2002. The board won’t take a final vote until November. However, a public hearing the state […]