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Opting Out of the STAAR Test: What Are the Consequences?

Posted on · HISD says students who miss the STAAR test this year because their parents choose to have them opt out will not be disciplined. Nevertheless, will a growing opt-out movement make any difference in the purpose, value and impact of the annual standardized test? To find out, Paige Phelps talked with school psychologist Sarah Becker and […]

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Grading How a National Standardized Test Grades Texas Students

Posted on · The National Assessment of Educational Progress is the only standardized test given to public school students in all 50 states. It’s administered every two years to fourth and eighth graders. In his report Breaking the Curve, Matthew Chingos takes issue with how the NAEP test’s results are published and says test scores of Texas students […]

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Houston’s Greatest Mistakes: Friday’s show (April 24, 2015)

Posted on · We all make mistakes in our lives – we take a step one way, when we probably should have gone the other. We try to learn from those missteps and not repeat them, but sometimes, well, the lesson’s never really learned. The same can be said for communities. Some decisions we made (or didn’t make) […]