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Turning To God or Turning Away: Two Divergent Faith Journeys

Posted on · Today, we revisit a pair of conversations from 2014 about turning to – or away from – organized religion. First, we meet Rev. Clay Lein, rector at St. John the Divine Episcopal Church in River Oaks, who was once a self-professed "angry atheist." He tells Craig Cohen how he found himself leading an Episcopal congregation […]

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How a Former Atheist Became an Episcopal Minister

Posted on · A few weeks back, Rev. Clay Lein delivered his first sermon as the new rector at St. John the Divine Episcopal Church in River Oaks. But he wasn’t always a religious man. He’s a former electrical engineer who was once a self-professed “angry atheist.” How did he find himself heading up a 4,000 strong Episcopal […]

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“Winter” Weather and Moderates in Politics: Houston Matters for Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2014

Posted on · The recent cold snap reminds us that, while summer months here can seem interminably hot and muggy, from October through April, Houston's weather can vary wildly. One day we're enjoying mild seasonal temperatures; the next we're fishing our coats out of the back of the closet, and being reminded to wrap our pipes and mind […]