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Could Ellington Field Someday Serve As a Spaceport?

Posted on · Another proposed future transportation project would allow travelers to leave Houston…vertically. Houston Airport System officials say they’re going to turn Ellington Airport into a spaceport. Officials say they the spaceport could be up and running as early as 2017, which means sending passengers into space from Houston may not be too far off. HAS is collaborating with local […]

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Preserving Green Space Is a Challenge in Ever-Growing Houston

Posted on · A study by the Trust for Public Land rates Houston first among the nation’s 10 most populous cities in total acreage of parkland, and third only behind San Diego and Dallas in park acreage per capita. We explore what makes Houston’s roughly 38,000 thousand acres of green space unique, the programs they offer and the challenges of creating […]

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Skiing Is a Big Passion for Many Houstonians

Posted on · There’s a lot of physical activity you can engage in here in Houston. Biking, running, swimming, hiking. Skiing is harder to come by (which may be what prompted one Houston Matters listener’s suggestion of turning the Astrodome into a giant ski slope). That doesn’t mean there aren’t avid skiers here. With the 2014 Winter Olympics […]

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Church Uses Hubble Images for Stained Glass Windows

Posted on · We’ve all seen stained glass windows in churches, cathedrals and synagogues. They’re usually ornate, richly colored depictions of the saints or religious symbols. But one local congregation, St. Paul’s Catholic Church in Nassau Bay — which is just around the corner from NASA’s Johnson Space Center — took another route when it designed its new […]

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The Science (or Lack Thereof) of Space in Movies

Posted on · Many sci-fi classics and clunkers alike have tried to accurately portray the experience of being in outer space. The latest to try to bring that experience to life is the film Gravity, which premieres in Houston theaters today. Space City is especially sensitive to how space exploration is presented on screen. We talk about some […]

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Houston Matters for Friday, Sept. 6th, 2013

Posted on ·   Last week, a new class of eight astronauts-in-training reported to Johnson Space Center to begin two years of training. But training for what, exactly? The shuttle program’s retired – in fact, while the astronauts train, a space shuttle replica currently on display at Space Center Houston will be joined by the shuttle carrier aircraft […]


Let the Meteor Show Begin

Posted on · Tonight is the night for stargazers. This year's Geminid meteor showers is expected to be the best meteor shower of the year. Rod Rice reports that conditions here will be perfect for watching the celestial show.