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Why Texas Keeps Contracting With a Company that Underdelivers

Posted on · The state of Texas has a long — and not terribly successful — history with one contracting company: Accenture (formerly known as Andersen Consulting). Some 25 years ago, the Texas Attorney General’s office signed a contract with Andersen to computerize the state’s child support payment system. It wound up costing more than six times what the […]


Could $25 A Week Meet Your Nutritional Needs? UH Students Take ‘The Food Stamp Challenge’ To Find Out

Posted on · Over the weekend, a group of students at the University of Houston wrapped up a "Food Stamp Challenge." The challenge is to eat for seven days on nothing more than what can be bought on an average weekly food stamp payment. Politicians and activists have done it to make various points about what it's like to be on food assistance.