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I SEE U, Episode 10: Black A I = Artificial Inclusion [Encore]

Posted on · Amazon AI ethicist leads efforts to ramp up technology access and innovation in her native Jackson, Mississippi. This episode is an encore of the July 23rd, 2021 broadcast.

Houston Matters

The Geography of Genius: Why Do Some Places Spawn Great Ideas?

Posted on · Eric Weiner likes to think of himself as a “philosophical traveler.” The former correspondent for NPR has made a second career out of studying the intersection of places and ideas, with books such as The Geography of Bliss and his latest: The Geography of Genius. In the latter, he travels the world examining how and […]

Houston Matters

Silicon Bayou: Could Houston Be Another Silicon Valley?

Posted on · California has Silicon Valley. Could Houston become the Silicon Bayou? We discuss efforts to attract tech entrepreneurs here, with Sanjay Parikh of marketing and ad agency Gateway Design, and Hesam Panahi, founder of RED Labs, the University of Houston’s Start-up Accelerator laboratory.

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